Coat Inspection

Your pets’ coat is a great indication of how good a job you are doing at taking care of them. But sometimes there are issues that come with having a furry friend. There may be times you cannot keep an eye on them and there is no telling what sort of bugs, parasites, or dirt your pet has picked up on their coat. Fur needs to be clean and inspected thoroughly in order to avoid your pet bringing in any unwanted visitors into your home. We will inspect your pet’s coat and make sure there are no pesky ticks or fleas. A coat is also checked for spots and indications of allergies. Problems with fur will tell you what your pet is going to need to feel better. Keep your household clear of infestation, and your pet healthy, happy, and good looking with a coat inspection.

Pre Brushed

By having your pet brushed, you get rid of irritants that bother your pet. When the debris is gone from a coat all that will be left is nice, clean fur. By regularly having your pet brushed you also improve blood circulation and skin condition. When we take care of your pet we make sure that their coat is thoroughly brushed. A clean, brushed coat improves pet moods and reduces hairballs and tangled fur. Reduce stress for both you and your pet by having them brushed by professionals.

Towel and Blow Drying

Making sure your pet dries the right way is how you make sure that their coat stays fluffy and clean for much longer. When you groom your pet, drying them off is as important a step as any other. When done improperly you could have a pet with musty smelling fur, or a lingering stench. We take the time to make sure your pet is comfortable and fully dry. If blow drying will not work, then a good toweling works as well. Let us help make sure your pets coat stays fresh and springy with our professional grooming techniques.

Bow’s and Bandana

Sometimes fur isn’t enough, and your furry friend could use an accessory. Bandanas are a fashionable, and functional, accessory to any furry friend. A bandana is able to trap dander, and loose hair from a fuzzy coat. You can also spritz your pet’s bandana with some calming pheromones to calm them down for a bit. For more aesthetic needs you could use a bow instead. Bows and bandanas come in a rainbow of colors and patterns. Wrap a small, colorful and stylish piece of clothing around your pet in whatever style you want.

Pads and Paw Trim

Trimming your pet’s pads and paws is a very important part of the grooming process. Hair, dirt, debris and matted hair get caught in between pet toes which is very uncomfortable for them. It is also in your best interest to keep your pet’s feet clean before they start tracking in mud and dirt everywhere. With our service, your pet’s feet are not just cleaned, but manicured. There are plenty of ways to clip and trim paws and pads to give your pet a clean, fashionable look. Having your pet’s pads and paws neat and tidy keeps both of you happy.


Let us make sure that your pet’s smile is clean and gleaming. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean prevents oral issues that tend to cause worse problems down the line. By having your pet’s teeth cleaned you stop gingivitis, tartar buildup, gum disease and much more. When you have your pets, mouth cleaned you wash out bacteria that could lead to infections. Clean teeth also prevent bad breath and possible loosening that come with diseases. A dirty mouth could become very painful, so clean it up with our professional teeth brushing services.

Nail Grinding

Is nail clipping not an option for your pet? Maybe you just prefer the nice, rounded nails that come out from grinding. No matter the case, your pet will thank you for the shorter nails. Your pet’s nails will affect the way they walk. When nails are too long that could affect the way a pet balances and their comfort moving. By having us grind down your pets nails you also keep yourself and your property protected. An excited pet may not mean to hurt anyone, but their nails are capable of causing some pain. Grinding down a pet’s nails keeps them healthy and frees you of some worry.

Nail Clipping

Clipping your pet’s nails is a quick and quiet experience they need. When a pet’s nails grow too long that will affect the way they are able to move around. Long and sharp nails also have a tendency to lead to some very torn up furniture. When done wrong, a nail clipping could lead to serious medical issues. Our professional services aim to avoid any breaking, pinching or bleeding that come from a botched nail clipping. Do your pet, and yourself a favor by having us give their nails a fast clip.

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleanings should be a part of any pets regular grooming sessions. When a pet goes too long without having its ears cleaned then several issues could come up. Wax, buildup and debris may find their way into your pet’s ears and cause all sorts of problems. By keeping your pet’s ears clean you prevent infections and mites from taking root. Cleaning your pet’s ears also makes sure that nothing is blocking them. Floppy eared pets are particularly susceptible to dirty ears. Have us help keep your pet hygienic and healthy with a thorough ear cleaning.

Anal Glands

The anal glands for your pet is an important part of its body. The glands help dogs identify each other by scent. But issues stemming from diet or malformations could cause some discomfort for your pet. Our services involve expressing the glands to keep them free from dirt or infection. Every part of your pet needs grooming to keep them happy and healthy. Our grooming services work to prevent anal gland problems that could be causing problems for your pet.


Keeping the grooming for your pet sanitary is an important way to prevent any health issues for them. Trimming and grinding equipment must be clean and sharp to prevent undue pain of infection. The clean environment we offer our services ensures that your pet has a hygienic treatment with plenty of care. Cleaning a pet matters little if the cleaning makes them sick anyway, so work with us and keep them healthy.


Bathing your pet may seem basic, but it is still one of the most important aspects of grooming any pet. Your pet may be running around outside all day, meaning that they will be tracking odors and dirt into the house. Your pet’s fur acts as a magnet for undesirable intruders to the house, not to mention all loose hair that uncleaned shedding causes. A pet will be plenty happy when they are running around with a clean coat, smooth fur, and a nice smell. But washing yourself may lead to plenty of pushing and unhygienic mistakes. Avoid the mess by having us give them a thorough wash.

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